Our local River Wylye is within the River Avon Special Area of Conservation. It is a chalk river, and is therefore an extremely rare and valuable habitat for all sorts of aquatic species, and a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Locals know that it is a home to otters and water voles too.

River Wylye in April

The section of the Wylye running through Warminster has three tributaries, – the Were, Cannimore Brook and Norton Brook. Further downstream is the crystal clear Chitterne Brook, and the River Till.

The Wylye is beautiful, and also under threat – from sewage outflows, agricultural run off, plastic pollution, housing developments and more.

There is an organisation called The Friends of Warminster Rivers, whose aim is conservation of local rivers.

Wessex Water is the water company with responsibility for providing water and sewerage services in this area. They are regulated by The Drinking Water Inspectorate, OFWAT, Defra, and the Environment Agency. Any problems happening to the river, can be reported to the Environment Agency.

Here is an interactive map of untreated discharges into rivers across the UK in 2021, from the Rivers Trust. Is your river fit to play in?