We aren’t just interested in wildlife because we like animals.

We also know that biodiversity is crucial to sustaining a healthy environment.  Biodiversity has been declining drastically in the UK over the last several decades, and we now need concerted action to reverse the trend.  Numerous organisations are very active in conservation, and helping to increase opportunities for species to recover, and move around the countryside.   Here are some links to the better known ones:







Having said that, we really do like animals. 

Since Sustainable Warminster got started, it has been involved in protecting toads in their migration. See Toads page

We have arranged for two Bat surveys to be carried out, so we now have a far better idea of what species live in and around Warminster.  See Bats page

We are monitoring the arrival of Swifts, House Martins and Swallows. See Summer-Visitors page

We like bees and other pollinating insects. See Bees page

And we have also been looking out for Hedgehogs. See Hedgehogs page