What we have done

Since launching in 2018, Sustainable Warminster has become involved in a variety of areas.

Single-use plastic in supermarkets

We joined in the nationwide campaign to ban the use of single-use plastic in supermarkets.

Store-front action at local supermarkets.

And what did we do with all the plastic …?

After much effort, a little determination and great teamwork, The Shark was created using tons of plastic waste.

Colin and Gemma took The Shark in to schools and out on the streets, sharing the word about banning single-use plastics.

Protecting Biodiversity

In 2019 our regular, nightly Toad Patrol rescued nearly 4,000 toads, frogs and newts from being squashed.

Sustainable Warminster held a Bat Day in the town park. Over 120 bat boxes were made by families to install in their gardens and in the community. This was funded by the Warminster Area Board.

The Wildlife Watch group aims to inspire, enthuse and educate the young and old in family wildlife-based sessions.

We’ve done apple pressing, learnt about worms and Christmas reuse crafts. We aim to get to explore and survey Warminster’s wild areas over the upcoming months.

One of the current Action Groups is planning a program of tree and wild flower planting. We are also looking at the possibility of creating more ponds in the area.

It’s not all hard work! We are a very friendly bunch and have had some lovely social events.

  • Picnics and BBQs
  • Christmas Party
  • Drinks at The Organ Inn after every meeting
  • Clothes swap
  • And … cakes with everything!

Other Projects

•Planting Trees and Wild Flowers •Supporting the Town Council and Area Board on Climate Emergency action •Sustainable Warminster Community Award for local Business and Organisations •Reducing traffic on Smallbrook Lane (adjacent to the Water Meadows) •Lobbying for Sustainable transport…cycle routes, footpaths •Monitoring Planning applications •