Waste and Recycling

A working group has been set up to look at how Warminster and its residents can improve on waste and recycling. We have collated the following information which we hope you will find useful but please do let us know if you can add to it. The subject is vast – this is just the beginning!

Cheddar Cheese wrappers with the Terracycle symbol. Drop off at The Rectory, Chapel Lane, SHREWTON.

Empty Medication Foil Blister Packs. Drop off at the WAG House, Chinns Court on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 10am – 2pm. These are collected by us and taken to Superdrug Pharmacies in Trowbridge, Bath or Salisbury for recycling. Part of a Terracycle Scheme. N.B. This project is currently suspended until further notice.

Carrier bags and small plastic bags which can be recycled at larger stores. WAITROSE and MORRISONS have collection boxes for recycling these.

Collection bins available in WH SMITH, MORRISONS, WAITROSE and POUNDLAND.

Health, wellbeing and beauty packaging. Boots Scan2Recycle Scheme. Access website. Scan empty product package to phone. Take to store. Take picture of empty product, scan deposit box in store. Collect BOOTS rewards. Empties sent to Re-Worked where they are reformed into new products/packaging. Visit website for more details https://boots.scan2recycle.com/

Crisp packets. Make sure they are completely empty. No need to wash. Pack them inside each other tightly to form “bricks” and take to BUDGENS, Codford. This is a Terracycle scheme for Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

IT Equipment, used or unwanted. All mobile phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, etc. WARMINSTER DONATE IT PROJECT. Drop off point Kingdown School Reception during school hours. Check the website for full details www.r3cycle.co.uk

Printer cartridges. Take to THE INK SHOP for refills. There is also a drop off point for recycling cartridges that cannot be refilled. The WAG HOUSE on Chinns Court also has a collection box for any make of empty printer cartridges. (Opening hours 10am -2pm Tues/Wed/Thurs)

Disposable Facemasks. MORRISONS Entrance. The masks are sent to Re-Worked where they are processed and recycled into planters, building materials and PPE collection bins. This is a joint partnership between The Sun and Morrisons.

Coffee Pods and coffee packaging. Drop off point at The Rectory, Chapel Lane, SHREWTON. Another Terracycle scheme.

Jiffy Bags. These can be split into paper and bubble wrap. Recycle the paper the usual way and take the bubble wrap to carrier bag collection point outside WAITROSE or MORRISONS.

If you’d like to choose doorstep delivery, reusable glass bottles for your milk then visit https://moo2.me/

Brita water filters. Recycle in-store at WAITROSE.

Recycle used cups at COSTA COFFEE

Plastic makeup packaging. Eyeshadow, concealer, eyeliner, lip balm pots, makeup tubes, mascara, etc. SUPERDRUG.

Any brand. Order envelope at https://www.gillette.co.uk/recycle.list

This is a Terracycle and Gillette Partnership Programme.

Contact Lenses. Boots Opticians on the High Street have a collection box where you can deposit used contact lenses. This is part of a Terracycle recycling scheme.

Glasses. Any kind of glasses, reading, prescription, sun glasses. BOOTS OPTICIANS will take them and re-use them. They are taken to African countries where a student optician measures people’s eye sight and gives them a free pair of glasses.