Council Grass Cutting

Sustainable Warminster would like to clarify our position with regard to grass cutting in Warminster.

The Town Council’s Environmental Services Working Group was set up on Monday 15th June and has yet to meet to draft policies relating to grass cutting.

Any uncut areas of grass are therefore due to the Wiltshire County wildflower trials (a decision taken last year without our knowledge) or as a result of understaffing due to the pandemic.

Sustainable Warminster is a community group composed of unelected volunteers.  Any complaints about grass cutting should be directed to Wiltshire Council or Warminster Town Council.

All councils have been badly affected by the pandemic, with staff shortages due to illness or sheltering, and an extra unanticipated workload. Please bear this in mind before you complain to either council if you have been affected by the lack of or lateness of grass cutting.